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I m here everytime I catch some free time so I don't hav any stable scredules anymore.So make sure you follow me here and on twitter so you don't miss any of the fun: P Yes, i hav changed my nickname recently coz i think that my last one(Soft Cute Lily) was kinda boring and didnt match my attitude and personality.

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Hello, my name is Ella, im 24 and im being a camaddict for already 4 years.

I love to tease you and I love to spend my time with you chattin or playing no matter what it's just up to my mood.

Ditto watching your bum-muscles flex as you pumped that hot big uncut cock into her from behind.

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Anal, Two tongues Rimming my, Feet, Armpits, Hairy Chest or anything hairy. Any others that your into im always into new things! I Dont like rude people who have no respect or manners.

I Love to have a good time, Just come in my room and see.

Im a down to earth passionate, respectable guy that try's to treat everyone the same:) Im always hot and horny so lets get to having some FUN!!

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