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Each bug check code has four associated parameters that provide additional information.The parameters are described in Bug Check Code Reference for each stop code.

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The following is an example of one possible blue screen: The stop code is displayed such as PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA.

When it is available, the module name of the code that was being executed is also displayed, such as Acme

If a kernel-mode dump file has been written, this will be indicated as well with a percentage complete count down as the dump is being written.

There is a stop code hex value associated with each stop code as listed in Bug Check Code Reference.

If the OS were allowed to continue to run after the operating system integrity is compromised, it could corrupt data or compromise the security of the system.

If crash dumps are enabled on the system, a crash dump file is created.

If a kernel debugger is attached and active, the system causes a break so that the debugger can be used to investigate the crash.

If no debugger is attached, a blue text screen appears with information about the error. The exact appearance of the blue screen depends on the cause of the error.

The stop code hex value associated with the Bug Check Symbolic Name is listed in the Bug Check Code Reference.

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