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Nickelback's Origins: The group came together in the mid-'90s.Lead singer Chad Kroeger, bassist brother Mike and guitarist Ryan Peake were in a cover band called Village Idiot in Alberta, Canada.Deciding to take music seriously, they moved to Vancouver and recorded a series of self-released albums.

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January 24, 2016 This Presidential candidate gave $100K to one of his former “employees” turned A- list celebrity/reality star for some recent comments she made.

Nickelback Overview: Nickelback epitomize the dichotomy of a band beloved by audiences but reviled by critics.

Without question the most popular rock band of the early 21st century, Nickelback streamlined the aggression of 1990s' grunge, adding an arena-rock earnestness that's proved irresistible to millions of fans.

Detractors rejected the band's heavy-handedly emotive style, personified by frontman Chad Kroeger's deep-throated groan, but a steady string of radio-friendly rockers and manly ballads kept Nickelback albums in the charts throughout the 2000s.

"Someday" was the mid-tempo hit, but the kinky "Figured You Out" proved to be more interesting: a dark rocker about an unhealthy sexual relationship built around debasement and drugs.

Full Speed Ahead: By the time of 2005's proved that Nickelback – assisted by new drummer Daniel Adair – were even more popular than before.

The lead single "Photograph," an affectingly nostalgic song about Chad Kroeger's teen years, went to No.

eventually enjoyed gold sales in the United States, but these Canadian artists were just getting warmed up.

Blowing Up on Their Roadrunner Debut: Nickelback's first new album for Roadrunner was released in 2001.

announced the band's sonic strategy within its first two songs – the surging "Never Again," which addressed domestic abuse from the prospective of an observant child, and "How You Remind Me," an epic power ballad about a destructive relationship. 1 on the mainstream rock charts, opened the door for Nickelback's brand of sincere musicianship.

"How You Remind Me" topped the pop charts, simply followed the blueprint, resulting in a less exciting record.

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